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Flooded and Damaged Vehicle Assessment

Our friends and family across South Louisiana have had their fair share of heavy rains and widespread flooding, which is why our team wants to help you get your vehicle back on the road. We stand by our community and want you to be able to count on us when you need us most. We empathize with every one of our customers that has been affected by the disasters that have impacted our state. Our service center at Hyundai of Metairie is readily available for all of your storm relief vehicle needs that may have been caused by Hurricane Ida and other storms.

How to Stay Safe After the Storm

As we continue to recover from the hurricane, you need to be aware that your vehicle could potentially have some serious safety concerns. The worst thing that could happen would be that your vehicle starts to experience problems on top of whatever else may have been damaged. Which is why we offer these helpful tips for you to follow if your car has been damaged in a flood or might potentially be damaged:

  • If any water has entered your vehicle’s fuel tank, you need to have the entire fuel tank emptied before refilling.
  • Be aware of water damage to electrical components in your car. The damage can also resurface later on.
  • Check for a waterline inside your vehicle. As long as the water stays below the bottom of the doors, your vehicle should be safe!

What to do if Your Vehicle is Flooded

If you have to deal with the misfortune of a flooded vehicle, we have a number of steps to take to make sure that the process goes smoothly. We want you to have the option whether to save your vehicle or to trade it in for something new to you. Our service center is well equipped to help you and you can save big on your next service with our regularly updated service specials. Here are some steps to take if your vehicle might be damaged beyond repair.

  • Do NOT try to start a car that has been flooded, as it can cause further damage to your vehicle and potentially be more dangerous.
  • Contact your insurance company to start the claims process and you should expect to receive full NADA retail value including compensation for title, tax and license.
  • When contacting your insurance company, ask where to have your vehicle towed so it can be assessed.
  • If your vehicle is declared a total loss and you have GAP insurance, contact your provider to start the claims process. If you bought a car from us and want to know if you have GAP, please give us a call.
  • Once you have started the claims process and have all necessary documents, you should be able to start the process of replacing your vehicle.

Flood and Damage Assessment FAQ

Is a flooded car totaled?

A car that gets flooded might not be totaled depending on how high the water was and how much of the car it affected. In most cases, if the water level was 6 inches to 1 foot above the floor, it could be safe to assume that it is totaled. It would be best to have your vehicle looked at by a service technician or your insurance company.

What happens if water enters the engine or fuel tank?

If water enters your vehicle’s engine compartment or fuel tank, you may need to take a few extra steps before trying to start your car again. When you have water in your fuel tank, you will need to drain your fuel tank of all other liquids before refueling and starting it again. If you have water in your engine, it will lead to compression issues, along with other issues that could leave your car unusable.

Does car insurance cover flood damage?

It is best to have an insurance provider if you were to experience any type of flood damage to your car and most insurance providers cover flood damage. The damage to your vehicle can be fixed or the vehicle could be replaced after an assessment by your insurance agent. After talking with your insurance agent and beginning the claims process, you can come by our dealership to start looking at a new or used car to replace the damaged one!

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