Factory Order Your next Hyundai Specially for You

July 28th, 2022 by

The car industry has changed over the last few years, with manufacturing slowing down, leading to less inventory for car dealerships across the board. At Hyundai of Metairie, we have multiple solutions to help Louisiana drivers navigate around the inventory shortage without breaking the bank, including the opportunity to reserve or custom order your dream Hyundai directly through our dealership.  


Many people forget the beauty of a custom factory order car. Just because you don’t see your preferred vehicle in stock doesn’t mean you can’t get it! With the option to reserve or custom order your car, in return for a wait of a few weeks, you can easily design the perfect new Hyundai directly from the manufacturer and have it delivered directly to your local Hyundai dealership. If you’re curious about this option, continue reading below. 

Why Reserve or Custom Order Your New Hyundai?

Save time and money. The cars you find on the dealership lot have been handpicked and ordered by that dealership to appeal to the average person. But for the money you’re spending, why settle for what’s been handpicked for the average person when you can custom order your Hyundai and have a deeper connection with your new vehicle? 


For a dealer, a special order represents a sure sale rather than the risk that you find your ideal car elsewhere. For the consumer, build-to-order gives time to reflect and make wise choices. So, if you are smart about building your car, you can actually save money. You can pick and choose the customizations you want and the ones you don’t want, and that alone can save you thousands of dollars.

How To Reserve Your New Hyundai

If you have the luxury of waiting for delivery and know the Hyundai model that will suit all of your needs, fill out our simple secure online form with the Hyundai that you’re looking for and a sales representative will reach out to you to assist you with reserving your dream Hyundai. 


It’s important to note that before you sign anything, get these details from the dealer:


  1. Time frame: The dealer can’t give you an exact delivery date, but its ordering system should be able to provide you with an estimate.
  2. Changes: Clarify the points of no return.
  3. Deposit: Typically, this is $500 to $1,000
  4. Documentation: Ask what paperwork you’ll receive after placing your order and how to track your vehicle’s arrival. 
  5. Price: Ask if this is the amount you’ll pay when the vehicle arrives.

Before Your Vehicle Arrives

Before your car lands at the dealership, make sure you track it periodically or follow up with the salesperson. Once you get a delivery date:


  1. Arrange financing
  2. Have your trade-in appraised. Take advantage of our Sell Us Your Car Program.
  3. Ask about incentives. Hyundai of Metairie offers great new Hyundai specials.

Reserve a New Hyundai Near New Orleans

If factory ordering a new car seems like the right option for you, contact us or visit our Hyundai dealership in Metairie today to talk to a customer service representative who can help you navigate the process of getting your dream Hyundai! 


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